North Vancouver (City)

January 28, 2015

Additional facts

  • shoreline managed by the port authority: 7 km

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Major terminals

  • Neptune is North America’s largest multi-product bulk terminal. It handles metallurgical (steel-making) coal, potash, and imported phosphate rock.
  • Lynnterm serves as a consolidation centre for forest products, steel and breakbulk in the Pacific Northwest. It handles wood pulp and paper, lumber, panel products, logs, steel products, project cargo and machinery.
  • Cargill is a grain terminal handling wheat, durum, canola, barley and grain by-products.
  • Richardson International is a major exporter of canola and cereal grains to trading economies along the Pacific Rim. It handles wheat, canola, barley, rye, flax, grain and feed products

Projects of interest

Noise monitoring: Our noise monitoring program helps us to gain a better understanding of the existing noise environment, identify where there might be concerns and track noise trends over the long-term.

Liaison committees

The North Shore Waterfront Liaison Committee includes representatives from local residents, municipalities, industry and the port authority. The committee’s role is to liaise between different groups, share information, and address local port-related issues.

Community investment

Through our community investment program, we support community events, projects and initiatives throughout the Lower Mainland. We are proud to have contributed to the following in the City of North Vancouver:

  • MRG Events – Shipyards Festival
  • Rotary Club of Lions Gate – Canada Day Celebration
  • Friends of the North Vancouver Museum and Archives Society – Shipyard Pals
  • Polygon Gallery – Kids First Saturday
  • TREC Charitable Foundation – Relay Education’s Kids World of Energy
  • Canada Wild Arts Society – Uninterrupted VR
  • Carson Graham Secondary School – Youth Leadership Program

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