Navigation and safety

Ensuring safe navigation within the port

With more than 16,000 hectares of water serving approximately 3,200 commercial ship visits each year—not to mention traffic from local recreational boaters—the Port of Vancouver is a big and

Harbour Patrol Officers

busy place. As the federal agency responsible for the stewardship of these waters, our role as a Canada Port Authority is to work with a variety of safety, security and emergency response organizations make sure the port is safe for everyone.

Some of the ways we manage marine navigational safety include:

  • Sharing our procedures for safe and efficient navigation within the waters of the port through our Port Information Guide
  • Monitoring marine and land activities within our jurisdiction through our 24/7 operations centre, office staff, harbour patrol officers and security team
  • Reviewing and issuing permits for port users who wish to conduct certain marine operations or events on port lands or waters
  • Promoting safe boating practices to recreational boaters
  • Posting berth soundings for Burrard Inlet and Roberts Bank