Land management at the Port of Vancouver | Port of Vancouver

Land management at the Port of Vancouver

From Roberts Bank to Burrard Inlet and up the Fraser River, the Port of Vancouver is made up of more than 1,500 hectares of land and 16,000 hectares of water. Some of the ways port lands and waters are used include: 

  • Marine terminals, used for the handling, shipping, and transportation of trade commodities and cruise passengers 
  • Industrial activities that support port operations, such as container storage facilities, intermodal yards for loading and unloading trains, and ship repair 
  • Commercial operations, like marinas, and warehouses 
  • Public recreation, such as CRAB Park at Portside, New Brighton Park, and Shoreline Park 

The port authority is responsible for the stewardship of the port, which includes managing how the federally owned lands and waters within our jurisdiction are used, and leasing port property to terminal operators and other tenants.