Container trucking at the port

In August 2005, the Canadian federal government requested the port authority to introduce a Truck Licensing System (TLS). The Truck Licensing System program requires all drayage companies and trucks draying marine containers to or from the port to enter into an Access Agreement from the port authority prior to accessing port facilities. This applies to all parties draying, both local and long haul.

In early 2015, Transport Canada, the Province of British Columbia and the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority worked collaboratively to update container trucking regulations to enhance stability in the drayage sector.

As part of the changes, the Province of British Columbia, holding responsibility and jurisdiction over all commercial trucking matters in British Columbia, appointed the British Columbia Container Trucking Commissioner who currently issues and oversees all Lower Mainland container truck licenses to trucking companies – a minimum requirement to be eligible for an Access Agreement with the port authority. The Commissioner also sets minimum on and off dock compensation rates for truckers, manages the whistleblower Drayage ConfidenceLine and oversees the rate audit program to enforce rate remuneration regulations.

What’s new

Rolling Truck Age Program

The Rolling Truck Age Program phases out older container trucks serving the port, for the benefit of the region’s air quality and local communities’ health. 

Long Haul Carriers:  Currently accepting TLS Program applications for new companies

Participation in the Long Haul TLS Program requires an Access Agreement from Vancouver Fraser Port Authority.  We are now accepting applications for an Access Agreement from carriers who currently have only a long haul business need to access container terminals on Vancouver Fraser Port Authority property.

For more information on the long haul component of the TLS Program and details on how to apply, please contact the TLS Program Administration department at 604.665.9333 or via email at [email protected].

Note: Vancouver Fraser Port Authority is not currently accepting applications for port access related to local container movements.


November 24, 2022 – Reminder: TLS minimum truck age entry requirement [PDF]


List of local drayage trucking carriers approved in Truck Licensing System to access port property [PDF]
List of long haul drayage trucking carriers approved in Truck Licensing System to access port property [PDF]
British Columbia Container Trucking Commissioner – provincial drayage licenses, audits, rates, regulations, ConfidenceLine
Terminal Gate Efficiency Program- Wait time zones [PDF]

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