Neighbouring communities

Our port operates 24 hours a day to support Canada’s trade objectives. Port operations result in increased rail and truck activity, noise and other nuisances that affect community well-being. There are also ongoing projects and/or proposed infrastructure development in and around these communities. We must work to balance trade objectives with the interests of our neighbours to enable continued growth and fulfillment of our mandate for Canadians. Learn about more about our neighbouring communities.

Project and environmental review

We provide regular updates on both tenant-led projects and port authority-led projects. For information on tenant-led projects currently under review, visit Status of Project Permit Applications. For information on the port authority-led projects currently under review, visit Development Projects.

Indigenous relations

The lands and waters that we manage border 16 different municipalities and intersect the asserted and established traditional territories and treaty lands of several Coast Salish First Nations. Learn more about our Indigenous relations.

Community investment

Spirit Trail, North Shore


As we grow, so does our ability to support our neighbouring communities. Through our dynamic and broad-ranging community investment program, we dedicate up to one per cent of our net income to initiatives that matter to local communities. Our investments support three key pillars: community enrichment, education and training and environmental leadership. Learn more about our community investment program.


Community liaison committees

We have four community liaison committees that bring together diverse community stakeholders to facilitate discussions about port-related impacts. The goal of the committees is to work collaboratively to find potential solutions that meet our mandate to facilitate Canada’s trade while protecting the environment and considering community interests. Learn more about our community liaison committees.

Community office

We opened a community office in Delta to provide local residents and business groups with the opportunity to meet and talk with us in person. This new office, located in Ladner, is intended to support our long-term plan to engage the community regarding port operations and future initiatives, including the proposed Roberts Bank Terminal 2 Project.

Municipal engagement

We engage local governments on an ongoing basis to strengthen communications, build productive working relationships and find opportunities for collaboration. Our executive team, together with our municipal engagement team, engage staff and elected officials through working groups, liaison committees, formal consultation programs, information sessions and presentations to councils.


Port Talk_logoPortTalk is our online discussion forum for connecting with people in the communities in which we operate. This platform is a convenient way for you to take part in port-led consultations and ask us questions about port activities.

School program

Our school program is specifically designed to support grade four to six students’ prescribed learning outcomes, as outlined by the British Columbia Ministry of Education. Students learn about Canada’s largest and most diversified port through activities that encourage learning through doing, touching, watching, hearing and reading, reflection and inquiry, thinking critically and creatively, and communicating individually and in groups through actions, words and pictures. Learn more about our school program.

Canada Place

Canada Place is an iconic landmark and venue for world-class events and inspirationally Canadian experiences, located in the heart of Vancouver’s waterfront. Canada Place is owned and operated by the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority. Learn more about Canada Place.

Community feedback

Vancouver shoreline
We invite feedback to help us identify opportunities for improvement. Our Community Feedback program helps us track and respond to community concerns.

Safety and security

Port operations must be safe and secure to enable international trade, to protect our reputation as a safe, efficient and reliable place to do business, and to ensure the safety and well-being of port users and neighbouring communities. Learn more about our safety and security at the Port of Vancouver.