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Leasing and real estate

Leasing property at the Port of Vancouver 

As the agency responsible for the stewardship of the lands and waters of the Port of Vancouver, part of our role is evaluating applications for tenure of port property and granting leases to successful applicants. Think of us as the port landlord; we work with members of industry who want to use port lands and waters for tradeenabling purposes, helping them find the right fit for their business in support of Canada’s trade objectives, and ensuring they follow the rules and responsibilities during their tenure. 

We are the largest landlord of industrial real estate in the Lower Mainland, managing more than 1,400 property agreements throughout our jurisdiction. In this capacity, we manage lands and waters in a way that supports our responsibilities as outlined in the Canada Marine Act. We do this by: 

  • Maximizing returns, generating revenue to support our long-term vision of making the Port of Vancouver the world’s most sustainable port 
  • Minimizing the costs of holding land by reducing issues such as vacancies, dumping, and squatting 
  • Mitigating risks associated with leasing lands 
  • Upholding environmental standards through firm contracts and our Project and Environmental Review process 
  • Advocating for the protection of trade enabling industrial land throughout the Lower Mainland 
  • Optimizing the use of land, supporting trade by making the most of the land we have available 
  • Keeping the Port of Vancouver competitive on a global trade stage 

Applying for leasing opportunities at the Port of Vancouver

If you are interested in leasing port property for trade enabling* purposes, please fill out our leasing enquiry form in full and send it via email to [email protected]. 

* Port of Vancouver lands and waters are intended for activities and business that supports trade, and may not be used for retail space or residential housing purposes 

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