Security and emergency management

We ensure the safe, secure and efficient movement of goods and passengers through the Port of Vancouver by means of:

  • fully operational 24/7 land and marine security operations centre
  • card-only and gate access in place at port terminals and roadways
  • continuous video surveillance via webcams of port roadways and terminals
  • 24/7 security patrols of port lands
  • 100 per cent cruise terminal passenger and baggage screening
  • perimeter security and intrusion detection on port properties
  • incident reporting program to track suspicious activity
  • collaborating with security and emergency management stakeholders

24/7 Operations and security

Vancouver Fraser Port Authority harbour master vehicleOur security standards meet or exceed North American standards and we are continuously implementing new and innovative security measures to improve the movement of cargo and passengers through Canada’s largest port.

We work closely with federal agencies to apply security measures and standards for international recognized Marine Security (MARSEC) response levels. Security standards are reviewed regularly in consultation with tenants, customers, labour and regulatory agencies. These standards reflect the local operational requirements for the secure movement of cargo and passengers during times of normal and elevated levels of security.

Security Access Control (Port Pass) program

Access to all port roadways, terminals and facilities is subject to Transport Canada marine security regulations and is administered by the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority’s Port Pass Program. Learn more about Security Access Control (Port Pass Program).

Marine Transportation Security Clearance

Background checks through the Marine Transportation Security Clearance program are conducted on marine workers with certain duties and access to certain restricted areas. Clearance is required to reduce the risk of security threats caused by unlawful interference with the marine transportation system. Learn more about Marine Transportation Security Clearance.

Emergency management and incident reporting

The Vancouver Fraser Port Authority’s role is to facilitate the safe and efficient movement of trade. As such, we are not first responders in an emergency. However, we do work with others in emergency situations and our 24/7 Operations Centre acts as a coordination hub for relaying information. Learn more about Emergency management and incident reporting.

Security and emergency partner agencies

Security at the Port of Vancouver is achieved through a variety of partnerships and a collaborative approach. Learn more about our security and emergency partners agencies.