Emergency management



Call 911 in the case of an emergency. Following your call to 911 and for port emergencies only, call our 24/7 Operations Centre/Port Emergency line.

24/7 Operations Centre/Port emergencies


911 should always be called first in the case of all emergencies. This number is for port emergencies only.

Our approach to emergency management

The Vancouver Fraser Port Authority’s role is to facilitate the safe and efficient movement of trade at the Port of Vancouver. As such, we are not first responders in an emergency. However, we do work with others in emergency situations and our 24/7 Operations Centre acts as a coordination hub for relaying information.

We maintain procedures, and have equipment and personnel in place to address a variety of emergencies both on land and on water.

We have measures in place to quickly resume operations following an emergency or other business interruption and we work with our tenants to develop similar procedures.

In an emergency, we follow the British Columbia Emergency Management System. The system provides a framework for standardized emergency response and recovery activities and is used by all local authorities and first responder agencies in British Columbia. This allows us to effectively and efficiently collaborate with other response agencies in an emergency.

As a federally regulated entity, the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority also maintains close ties to Public Safety Canada and Transport Canada and, through them, works with other federal departments and agencies to share information and resources to respond and recover in a collaborative manner.

British Columbia Emergency Management System
Public Safety Canada

Emergency preparedness

Transport Canada requires the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority to coordinate a multi-agency emergency exercise every 18 months. We choose to conduct these exercises every 12 months and they typically involve local fire and police departments, the Canadian Coast Guard and other emergency response agencies.

We also frequently participate in exercises led by external agencies, organizations and terminals. This participation can range from observing to direct involvement of our boat crew and/or operations staff.

The Vancouver Fraser Port Authority is also represented in regular stakeholder meetings. Our intent is to ensure port interests are considered by municipal and federal governments and critical infrastructure owners, and the appropriate agencies are aware of our requirements, responsibilities and emergency management capabilities.