Truck and rail

Truck and rail are the two primary ways cargo is moved at the Port of Vancouver. The Vancouver Fraser Port Authority is building capacity for container trucks and railroads to move cargo on land to and from the port. We work with all stakeholders to ensure that our port maintains and strengthens its reputation of providing consistent and reliable truck and rail service.

For information on supply chain performance measures and real-time monitoring, visit the Port Dashboard.


When port container truck operations are efficient, fair and safe, it provides opportunities and benefits for everyone in the supply chain from ocean carriers to importers and exporters; terminal operators to drivers and trucking companies; and retailers and consumers. We work with all container trucking stakeholders to make sure that stability, reliability and consistent services are available to everyone. Learn more about trucking.


We work closely with rail service providers to ensure that customers of our port receive premiere rail service that is reliable and consistent. From establishing service agreements with Class 1 railways to collectively and proactively creating annual winter contingency plans, the port authority and all the rail service providers continue to enjoy a collaborative working relationship to bring reliable and stable service to our port users. Learn more about rail.