Smart Fleet trucking strategy

Smart Fleet was introduced in 2013 as a three-year action plan to achieve excellence in the local container trucking sector. The foundation of Smart Fleet is based on seven guiding principles of collaboration, respect, engagement, fairness, transparency, accountability and long-term sustainability.

Smart Fleet initiatives include:

    • global positioning systems (GPS) on all port-licensed trucks, allowing the port authority to track and report on turn and wait times, and help ensure drivers are properly paid
    • common data interface and a single point of entry and reservation system connecting trucking companies to all container terminal operations to effectively plan and select reservations for increased efficiencies
    • a recently revised Truck Licensing System policy and system interface to stabilize the industry by working with a drayage sector that can meet financial and operational obligations
    • truck age requirements to ensure lower air emissions and increased truck safety improvements
    • identification of technology-based solutions to improve environmental sustainability
    • collaboration with terminal operators and industry leaders, working together to improve efficiency of port operations