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Looking for port-related photos or video?

The Vancouver Fraser Port Authority’s digital asset library provides easy access to browse, search and download high quality photos and videos.

Digital asset library

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Below is a selection of videos. Visit our YouTube channel for more.

Aerial port tour

Join us for an aerial tour of the Port of Vancouver. This narrated, 3-minute video presents information about both the port and role of the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority. Topics covered include business sectors, economic impact and our commitment to sustainability.



Take a look behind-the-scenes of Canada’s largest port through our online YouTube channel, PortTV. Designed to engage and educate audiences, PortTV shares the stories of people who live and work within port communities and showcases the important role that the port plays across Canada.


24/7 port operations

The Vancouver Fraser Port Authority is responsible for maintaining the safe and efficient movement of marine traffic and cargo within the Port of Vancouver. Our operations centre is on task 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and our Harbour Patrol Officers and security staff monitor activities within our jurisdiction, communicate with other agencies and help coordinate response efforts in emergency situations.


Port 2050: Charting a course towards a sustainable gateway

What will the Vancouver Gateway look like in 2050? This question sets the stage for Vancouver Fraser Port Authority’s Port 2050 strategic visioning process. Scenarios, developed in 2010, were tested and refreshed in 2015. The results, including a new definition for a sustainable gateway, are presented in this video.


Port stories

Part documentary and part testimonial, these videos tell the real-life stories of people whose lives are co-dependent with the port: a farmer, a fishery, a family-run specialty foods deli, a cruise ship supplier, the harbour master, and an entire family employed throughout the port.