South Arm Jetty Tidal Marsh

Project status

Design, permitting and approvals phase

The proposed South Arm Jetty Tidal Marsh Project is currently in the design, permitting and approvals stage.

In July 2015, the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority submitted an exemption application to the BC Environmental Assessment Office for the proposed project. Projects can be exempted from Provincial Environmental Assessment if they are unlikely to result in significant adverse environmental, social, economic health or heritage effects.  This exemption application was made for administrative coordination purposes.  Taking into account the fish and wildlife habitat development and improvement character of the project, the project is not likely to result in significant adverse environmental, social, economic health or heritage effects. The BC Environmental Assessment Office has notified Vancouver Fraser Port Authority of the approval of this exemption request. Further information is available on the BC Environmental Assessment Office webpage.

The port authority will continue to engage with all levels of government, regulators, Aboriginal Groups and adjacent communities, as appropriate through project development. Should the proposed project continue to advance, it would also be subject to the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority’s Project and Environmental Review Process.

About the project

The proposed South Arm Jetty Tidal Marsh Project is located along the southern edge of Sturgeon Bank, on the north side of the Steveston Jetty at the mouth of the Fraser River (South Arm). The proposed site is an un-vegetated intertidal sand flat with shallow subtidal areas. Immediately adjacent to the proposed site is an expansive area of existing productive marsh.

The proposed project would increase the size of the existing marsh by converting approximately 43 ha of existing sand flat into highly productive marsh habitat for the benefit of juvenile salmonids and other fish and wildlife. The project team is exploring options that could include a partial build-out, or a staged approach to marsh enhancement over time.

Public and stakeholder engagement will be undertaken, and will include opportunities for the public and stakeholders to provide feedback on features related to the proposed project. Following a public engagement period, which may include public open houses, input received will be compiled in an engagement summary report. The port authority will also complete an input consideration memo to demonstrate how the input received during the engagement period would be considered.





South Arm Jetty Tiday Marsh - existing site conditions
Existing site conditions
South Arm Jetty Tidal Marsh - proposed site conditions
Rendering of proposed conditions at the site


June 1, 2017 – Project overview: South Arm Jetty Project [PDF]