Glenrose Tidal Marsh Project

Project status


Habitat enhancement work on the Glenrose Tidal Marsh Project began in April 2014 and was completed in September 2014. To ensure that the habitat meets its biophysical objectives, the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority will continue to monitor the productivity and effectiveness of the enhanced habitat.

About the project

The Vancouver Fraser Port Authority undertook this project to improve the overall productivity of the Fraser River between the Alex Fraser Bridge and Gunderson Slough, by providing high quality habitat for juvenile salmon rearing. The project was also undertaken in response to requests from local Aboriginal groups to protect archeological values as some of the sites had been subject to degradation from erosion and the illegal collection of artifacts and archeological material.

Work at the three sites included brush clearing, slope protection, placement of containment berms, channel dredging, and elevation of the substrate for the establishment of marsh habitat using locally-dredged sediments. Planting of marsh vegetation (Lyngbye’s sedge, slough sedge, spikerush, tapered rush, Baltic rush, wapato, hardstem bulrush and cattail) was completed in September 2014.

Cross-section of a constructed tidal marsh

Example Cross-Section of a Constructed Tidal Marsh


Project rendering

Glenrose tidal marsh
Aerial image of the three enhancement sites