Semiahmoo Bay-Little Campbell River Enhancement Project

About the project

The port authority is advancing the proposed Semiahmoo Bay–Little Campbell River Enhancement Project as potential fish habitat offsetting for the Roberts Bank Terminal 2 Project. This offsetting project will be located just over one kilometre north of the Canada–U.S. border, in and around the Semiahmoo First Nation Reserve near White Rock, B.C. The objective of this project is to enhance approximately two hectares of habitat in a way that contributes to offsetting the residual effects of the RBT2 Project on fish and fish habitat in alignment with information on the values, priorities, and preferences shared by Semiahmoo First Nation. Habitat enhancement work will involve the removal of derelict wood structures, and construction of marsh bench tidal channels, large-woody debris complexes, tidal salt marsh habitat, and forage fish spawning habitat.

This project will also provide several cultural and community benefits to Semiahmoo First Nation, such as improved access between the Semiahmoo First Nation Reserve and Semiahmoo Bay, and removal of some of the remnants of historical industrial activities in the area.

Project status

The proposed Semiahmoo Bay–Little Campbell River Enhancement Project is currently in the design, permitting and approvals stage.

The port authority will continue to engage with all levels of government, regulators, Indigenous groups and adjacent communities, during project development. The project would be subject to approval from Fisheries and Oceans Canada as offsetting for the RBT2 Project through the Fisheries Act Authorization process, and may require additional permits to proceed.

This proposed offsetting project may change based on further consultation and technical input.