Tilbury Island Peninsula Enhancement Project

About the project

The port authority is advancing the proposed Tilbury Island Peninsula Enhancement Project as potential fish habitat offsetting for the Roberts Bank Terminal 2 Project. Located in the Tilbury Island area of Delta, B.C., along the south arm of the Fraser River, the proposed offsetting project involves enhancing approximately three hectares of lower-value intertidal flats into higher-value marsh habitat for juvenile salmon to feed and rear prior to moving out into the ocean.

Sand that is dredged from the Fraser River will be placed in the project area and reused for construction.

Project status

The proposed project is currently in the design, permitting and approvals stage.

The port authority will engage with all levels of government, regulators, Indigenous groups and adjacent communities during project development. The project would be subject to approval from Fisheries and Oceans Canada as offsetting for the RBT2 Project through the Fisheries Act Authorization process and would require a port authority permit, following a project and environmental review, among others, to proceed.

Engagement with local municipalities and consultation with Indigenous groups is underway, and will include opportunities to provide feedback on the proposed project. Public engagement on the offsetting project will take place as part of project permitting and would take place after project approval.

The proposed offsetting project may change based on further consultation and technical input.