World Ports Climate Action Program

Outside of our own environmental programs and initiatives to reduce the effects of port operations in and around the Port of Vancouver, we are active participants in international coalitions set up to advance awareness and policy change to address the cumulative impact of shipping on the environment.

The World Ports Climate Action Program is a coalition of 11 port authorities—Vancouver, Antwerp, Barcelona, Gothenburg, Hamburg, Le Havre, Long Beach, Los Angeles, New York and New Jersey, Rotterdam and Yokohama—that are taking action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the marine industry. Through the program we are leading several collaborative working groups to accelerate progress towards the use of low carbon fuels. The coalition also calls upon the shipping industry to support the International Maritime Organization’s climate action target.

Through the World Ports Climate Action Program, we have an opportunity to help influence policies and approaches to help reduce the effects of marine shipping on our environment. The program’s working groups address port policy approaches on emissions reduction and the development of commercially-viable low-carbon fuels for maritime transport. The working groups also look at ways to accelerate the development of renewable power-to-ship solutions and efforts to fully decarbonize the cargo-handling facilities in our ports. Together, we can accelerate global awareness and reduce the effects of climate change.