Non-Road Diesel Emissions program

Since January 1, 2015, the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority has administered our Non-Road Diesel Emissions (NRDE) program to reduce diesel particulate matter emissions associated with non-road equipment. In 2022, the NRDE program was updated with new requirements and a fee schedule that extends out to 2030.

The program, developed with external and internal stakeholders, requires tenants to report and label all non-road diesel equipment and pay fees on older, higher emission equipment. When older equipment is replaced, upgraded or retrofitted, up to 90 per cent of the fees paid are rebated back to the tenant, provided they have a fuel efficiency plan in place that includes an idle reduction policy and opacity requirements.

For Tenants

Fees for the use of older, higher-emissions diesel equipment are assessed after tenants complete an annual reporting tool for each calendar year. Annual reports for the previous year are due by January 31, and require:

  • end of year hour-meter readings (or appropriate fuel/activity logs)
  • new equipment and engine purchases/leases
  • equipment operated by contractors during that year
  • emissions reduction measures (ERMs) applied, and/or
  • equipment retirements

The port authority will send invoices to tenants for the equipment operated in the previous calendar year by each March through at least 2031 (for 2030 operations). New labels for applicable equipment reported in the annual report tool will be provided each year, as needed. Alternatively, tenants with no applicable non-road diesel equipment must complete and submit an annual declaration stating they have no non-road diesel equipment. Tenants undertaking a construction project must complete and submit a contractor construction equipment declaration. 

Program tools

NRDE Program – Rebates and reduced fees [PDF]
NRDE Program – Declaration: contractor construction equipment declaration [PDF]

For information about the program or questions, send an email to [email protected].