Air emissions inventory

Every five years, we conduct a port-wide emissions inventory to estimate air emissions from marine, rail, on-road and off-road equipment, and administrative activities associated with the Port of Vancouver.

Our inventory includes data on port-related air pollutants, greenhouse gas emissions and energy usage. It complements regional and national emissions inventories that capture other sources, such as commuter vehicles, buildings and commercial activity, to provide a complete picture of emissions in the Lower Mainland. The inventory takes into account the unique conditions in each transportation and cargo sector at the Port of Vancouver and helps us track and report our progress.

Our most recent inventory shows port-related air pollutant emissions have decreased significantly since 2010, despite an increase in trade through the port, as a result of stronger regulation and investment in technology. The inventory shows that greenhouse gas emissions per tonne of cargo have decreased somewhat due to engine and equipment efficiency, however these types of emissions are also increasing as trade grows.

The inventory and other measurements help us identify trends that inform our policies and programs to reduce the emissions that contribute to climate change.