Container Trucks

Trucking at the Port of VancouverThe Port of Vancouver was the first port in Canada with stringent environmental requirements for container drayage trucks to reduce air emissions, implemented by the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority in 2008.

Our Truck Licensing System includes environmental requirements that target engine age restrictions and idle reduction. Newer trucks are significantly cleaner and more efficient, which is why we have been targeting 2007 engine emissions equivalency by 2017 – a target we are on track to meet.

Trucks can meet these requirements by installing emissions reductions measures, such as diesel oxidization catalysts or particulate filters or by upgrading to newer engines.

All container drayage trucks doing business at the port are required to have a license to serve the port that requires them to meet these environmental requirements.

In addition to emissions reductions measures, we are working to improve stability and efficiency in the trucking sector. Through our Smart Fleet Strategy, we have outfitted all trucks with global positioning system (GPS) technology, and are developing a common reservation system which both serve to support improved truck movements.