Container trucks

Trucking at the Port of Vancouver

We manage emissions from container trucks through our Truck Licensing System environmental requirements. In addition, we work with key stakeholders to improve the efficiency of operations in this sector through actions including extended gate hours, a truck reservation system and the installation of global positioning system units on all trucks

All of the approximately 1,800 container trucks that access the port must enter into a Truck Licensing System agreement. This includes strict environmental requirements for engine age, emission controls and idle reduction.

Since 2008, we have phased in the requirement for trucks with 2006 engines and older to have an approved emission control device that reduces particulate matter per truck by 20 to 25 per cent, and as of 2016, any truck/engine added to the Truck Licensing System had to be model year 2010 or newer. Beginning in 2022, no truck in the fleet older than 10 years will be permitted.

In addition to emission reductions measures, our Smart Fleet Strategy is intended to ensure the supply of container trucks is more closely aligned with port-related container trucking demand, and that truckers are paid fairly, using GPS data.