Fraser Surrey Port Lands Transportation Improvements Project

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The Vancouver Fraser Port Authority is leading road and rail improvements within the Fraser Surrey Port Lands to alleviate traffic congestion and rail crossing delays, and improve the ability of port tenants to move trade.

Our goal is to enable safe and efficient goods movement by improving use of the area for port users and mitigating the impacts of growing trade on local communities. These changes will improve safety, security, and vehicle access by creating more reliable travel times, security oversight, and better emergency response access.

The project includes:

  • Extension of Timberland Road South as the arterial route for traffic to travel through the Fraser Surrey Port Lands
  • Conversion of the Timberland Wye three-way intersection to a standard four-way intersection
  • Railway crossing upgrades along Timberland Road to meet new federal standards
  • Construction of an inbound container truck lane and vehicle access gates, managed and maintained by DP World Fraser Surrey
    • Installation of overhead signage to direct vehicles
  • Installation of additional fire hydrants along Timberland Road South for emergency fire services
  • Adding street lighting, and closed-circuit television cameras, and integrating camera feeds into the port authority’s operations centre

The port authority consults with Indigenous groups, municipalities, and other stakeholders to undertake technical studies and engagement, advance project design, and plan for project construction.


Project benefits

The port authority has a strong track record of delivering high-quality projects based on best practices in environmental sustainability, environmental protection, and community engagement. The project is a priority for tenants within the Fraser Surrey Port Lands area, including DP World – Fraser Surrey, off-dock container logistics, and warehouse tenants. Anticipated benefits of the project include:

Improved efficiency and capacity of the transportation network servicing the Port of Vancouver to support Canada’s growth in trade. Reduced congestion to help improve container movements to and from warehouse facilities.
Improved emergency response for police, fire, and ambulance to get to incidents faster and more easily. Improved and more reliable travel times by removing rail crossing delays.
Improved safety by adding lighting, CCTV connection to port authority operations centre, and secure VACS gates. Improved safety by reducing risk of collisions between trains and people walking, cycling, and driving.
Reduced train whistle noise for residential area south of Highway 17 through rail crossing upgrades


The below timeline shows historical events as well as the project’s expected timeline.

  • 2019 – Project submitted to the National Trade Corridors Fund for Funding
  • 2019-2020 – Preliminary design and project definition report
  • March 2021 – Detailed design begins
  • Summer 2021 – Project and Environmental Review begins
  • Summer 2022 — Project and Environmental Review permit approval
  • Fall 2022 — Procurement period
  • Fall 2023 – Construction to begin
  • Spring 2025 – Anticipated project completion

Timelines are subject to change

We acknowledge that while port-related developments provide local, regional, and national benefits, they may also have potential impacts on those who live, work, or operate in and around port areas. 

Our approach to public consultation is based on two-way communication and open dialogue, working together to ensure the community, the environment, and the economy are all considered during project planning. 

In 2021, we led an engagement process with stakeholders and the public to help us shape and advance the Fraser Surrey Port Lands Transportation Improvements Project. To obtain a copy of the report summarizing what we heard during this period of engagement, contact us by email at [email protected].  

December 22, 2023—Newsletter – Project update
October 6, 2023—Newsletter – Construction start


Funding partners

This project is funded by the Government of Canada through the National Trade Corridors Fund and the port authority.

Part of Greater Vancouver Gateway 2030