Portside Blundell Road Improvements Project

The Vancouver Fraser Port Authority is proposing to upgrade roadways in the Fraser Richmond industrial lands. This location and its connections to major transportation routes and facilities make it an active industrial area for warehouse and transload businesses that pack and unpack shipping containers moving to and from the Port of Vancouver. This corridor has some of the most concentrated activity in the Greater Vancouver area for moving goods from marine terminals to rail lines and trucks, and then off to other destinations.

Traffic flow in the area is impacted by a busy rail crossing. Vehicles back up when a train is passing over the crossing, leading to unnecessary idling and preventing access to businesses along Portside Road and Blundell Road. As trade grows, and a greater volume of containers move through the area, the delays are expected to worsen.

The project is part of the Greater Vancouver Gateway 2030 strategy and funded by the Government of Canada through the National Trade Corridors Fund, the port authority, and CN.

Since the project began in 2019, the port authority has been consulting with First Nations and worked closely with project partners and stakeholders to advance the project. We completed two rounds of public and stakeholder engagement that indicated strong support for the project. We have also worked with project partners and other stakeholders to undertake technical studies and engagement, advance project design, and plan for construction.

While the project team has made considerable progress, the project currently faces a significant funding gap and extended partner negotiations that have put the project at considerable risk. As a result, the port authority is not advancing the project at this time and is reviewing the strategy to deliver the project, or a component of it, in the future.

We continue to believe the project brings significant benefits to this critical area for Canada’s trade, supporting supply chain efficiency, improved safety and reduced traffic congestion in the area. As part of our review, we are exploring opportunities to address the challenges facing the project.

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