Fieldtrip to the Port of Vancouver Discovery Centre at Canada Place

Salty Binoculars iconFacilitated 90 minute in-person field trip experience for grades four, five and six classes at our Port of Vancouver Discovery Centre.

Booking calendar

Planning your trip to the Discovery Centre (pdf planning document)

Pre-field trip activities

Activity: What happens at the Port of Vancouver-instructions, what happens at the Port of Vancouver – activity sheet
Kahoot game: Port vocabulary

Post-field trip activities

Activity: Port vocabulary wordsearch, Port vocabulary wordsearch answer key

Activity: Maps activity – teacher instructions, maps – activity sheet, maps activity answer sheet
Video: What it feels like to be on a log drive on B.C.’s Fraser River
Video: Sulphur – scientific explanation

Activity: Port of Vancouver container maze
Video: Containerization

Website: Shore power
Video: Shore power
Video: ECHO
Soundclip: Whale song and ship
Video: Cleaning up the Fraser River

Activity: The importance of international trade – discussion questions
Kahoot Game: International trade at the Port of Vancouver

People of the Port – occupations
Video: Harbour patrol officer
Video: Paul the blueberry farmer
Video: Colleen with Freshpoint Produce
Video: Dave the tug boat captain
Video: Logistics and chickpeas

Presentation review

Activity: Crossword puzzle, crossword puzzle answer key
Activity: Review – environment, cruise
Activity: Review – trade, RoRo
Kahoot game: Port of Vancouver Trivia Challenge