Virtual field trip

Salty Binoculars iconVirtual field trip for grades four, five and six classes with our community outreach coordinator. To book please Schedule parts 1 and 2 online hosted on MS Teams or Zoom.

Part 1: 60 minute presentation (intro to the port and five business sectors)
Part 2: 60 minute presentation (sustainability, imports/exports, international trade, occupations and review)

Booking calendar

Pre-presentation activities

Activity: What happens at the Port of Vancouver-instructions, what happens at the Port of Vancouver – activity sheet
Kahoot game: Port vocabulary

Activities after you have completed part 1 of the virtual presentation

Activity: Port vocabulary wordsearch, Port vocabulary wordsearch answer key
Infographic: What is a Canada port authority
Video: Port of Vancouver – aerial tour
Activity: Maps activity – teacher instructions, maps – activity sheet, maps activity answer sheet

Video: What it feels like to be on a log drive on B.C.’s Fraser River
Video: Sulphur – behind the scenes at Vancouver Wharves
Video: Port and mining community connection
Video:Sulphur –  scientific explanation

Activity: Journey of a shipping container: The Port of Vancouver plays a critical role in Canada’s trade. Learn about the history of containers, benefits of containers, what is inside containers. Learn about some import and export stories.
Activity: Port of Vancouver container maze
Video: Containerization

Video: Cruise  (start at 43 seconds in)

Activities after you have completed part 2 of the virtual presentation

Website: Shore power
Video: Shore power
Video: ECHO 
Soundclip: Whale song and ship
Video: Cleaning up the Fraser River

Activity: The importance of international trade – discussion questions
Kahoot Game: International trade at the Port of Vancouver

People of the Port – occupations
Video: Harbour patrol officer
Video: Paul the blueberry farmer
Video: Colleen with Freshpoint Produce
Video: Dave the tug boat captain
Video: Logistics and chickpeas

Presentation review

Activity: Crossword puzzle, crossword puzzle answer key
Activity: Review – environment, cruise
Activity: Review – trade, RoRo
Kahoot game: Port of Vancouver Trivia Challenge