Security Access Control (Port Pass)

Access to all port roadways, terminals and facilities is subject to Transport Canada marine security regulations and is administered by the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority’s Port Pass Program, in place since 2003.

A Port Pass is an accredited port stakeholder photo identification card that identifies personnel authorized to access the port. Port Passes contain an electronic identifier unique to the port system and are synchronized with the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority’s vehicle access control system.

Notice: Effective July 1, 2016, the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority has implemented a new recovery fee for a replacement lost Port Pass. Learn more about the Lost Port Pass Fee.

Applying for a Port Pass

Employees of terminals or facilities on port lands

If you are directly employed by a terminal or facility within the port, you will need to be sponsored by your employer prior to applying for your Port Pass.

Please contact your employer for detailed information on the sponsorship and application process.

Contractors and regular visitors

Port Passes for contractors and others who access the port more than five times per month or more than 12 times per calendar year are issued by designated issuing authorities.

From the table below, choose the service provider category that best describes your business service and direct your application or queries to the corresponding agency.

Card issuing authority

Service provider category

Agency and/or company  contact information

Vancouver Fraser Port Authority
  • Government regulatory agencies


Email: [email protected]

Instructions: Application process for VFPA-issued Port Passes [PDF]

Forms: Port Pass Sponsorship Request Form (Rev 2017-01-27) [XLS]

Chamber of Shipping of BC
  • Ship agents
  • Marine industry services (i.e chandlers)
  • Ship suppliers, support services OR anyone with direct interaction with a vessel
  • General contractors providing services for the port community at large (i.e construction services)


Email: [email protected]

Phone: (604) 681-2351

British Columbia Trucking Association
  • British Columbia Trucking Association members who service the port
  • All motor carriers over 5,000 kg
  • Motor carrier support services that service the Port of Vancouver


Email: [email protected]

Phone: (604) 888-5319

Ceres Terminals Canada
  • Services related to the cruise industry
  • Limousine services to the cruise industry who have been issued a permit from the Motor Carrier Association of British Columbia


Email: [email protected]

Phone: (604) 684-8525


Applying for a Port Pass from Chamber of Shipping of BC, BC Trucking Association, or Ceres:

  1. Obtain sponsorship from the terminal or facility where you will be conducting business by having your organization complete and submit a Port Pass Sponsorship Request to that terminal or facility.
  2. Upon receipt and entry of this information by the sponsoring terminal or facility, auto-generated messages will be sent to the email address provided on the sponsorship request form. These messages will contain instructions for completing the Port Pass application and arranging an appointment with the designated issuing authority to receive the Port Pass.
  3. Please note that you will be required to present one (1) piece of valid, government-issued photo identification at your appointment.

Acceptable forms of identification:

  • British Columbia driver’s license
  • British Columbia identification card
  • Canadian passport
  • FAST membership card
  • NEXUS card
  • other Canadian government-issued photo identification
  • non-Canadian government-issued photo identification

The following are NOT acceptable pieces of identification:

  • personal bank card
  • social insurance card
  • personal or business credit card
  • interim driver’s license

Port Pass Conditions of Issue:

  1. I understand that if I breach any of the following terms and conditions, my Port Pass may be suspended or terminated. In addition, I may be reported to regulatory authorities and law enforcement, escorted off port lands, sanctioned by the issuing agency and my employer or sponsor, and prosecuted under applicable law.
  2. I will use my Port Pass only during the performance of my assigned duties.
  3. I will be personally responsible for the safekeeping of my Port Pass at all times.
  4. I will not transfer or lend my Port Pass to any person or borrow a Port Pass from any person.
  5. I will not alter, damage, destroy, or reproduce my Port Pass.
  6. If my Port Pass is stolen, I will immediately file a police report with the police of jurisdiction where it was stolen and notify my employer or sponsor. If my Port Pass is lost, I will immediately notify the issuing agency and my employer or sponsor.
  7. I will display my Port Pass above my waist at all times on port lands and facilities.
  8. I will produce my Port Pass immediately upon request by the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority, port security, law enforcement, my employer or sponsor, and any other authorized persons controlling access to port lands or facilities.
  9. I will surrender my Port Pass upon demand by the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority, port security, the issuing agency, or my employer or sponsor to ensure compliance with the Terms and Conditions of Issue in respect to my Port Pass.
  10. I will immediately notify the issuing agency and my employer or sponsor of any changes to the information provided with or relevant to my Port Pass application.
  11. I will abide by all applicable statutes, laws, bylaws, rules, regulations and orders from time to time in force and effect, including, without limitation, all safety and security requirements on port lands.
  12. If the issuing agency is not the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority, I consent to the disclosure of my application personal information by the issuing agency to the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority to be used for the administration of the Port Pass Program.
  13. I understand that my personal information may be disclosed without my consent to third parties if the recipient of the information is required by law to disclose this information. In addition, I consent to the disclosure of my personal information by the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority or the issuing agency to law enforcement and other third parties for the purpose of investigating and/or enforcing matters of security related to port operations.
  14. If I access port lands or facilities through the Truck Licensing System (TLS), I consent to the disclosure of my application information (including personal information) to third parties, including, without limitation, law enforcement, government, regulatory agencies, other port users and terminal operators, for the purpose of enhancing safety, security, order, and operational efficiencies within port lands and those communities adjacent to port lands and for stabilizing the local drayage market.
  15. I understand that my Port Pass is the property of the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority.
  16. I understand that, if I lose my Port Pass, I may be subject to an administrative charge for a replacement Port Pass and I acknowledge that it may affect my ability to receive another Port Pass.
  17. I agree that a breach of these terms and conditions will be deemed to be a breach of any other agreement I have with the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority in relation to access or use of port lands.
  18. I understand that the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions from time to time and I agree to be bound by any and all such amendments.