Vancouver Fraser Port Authority | Site Upgrades and Road Realignment – Lynnterm

February 7, 2020

Project status

Permit amendment – issued

In March 2020, a minor permit amendment, No. 17-154-02, was issued to the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority (the Applicant). The amendment extends the expiry of the permit to June 30, 2020 for the Applicant to carry our physical activities related to the completion of site upgrades at Lynnterm.

About the amendment

In February 2020, the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority (the Applicant), submitted an amendment to project permit No. 17-154 to request an extension as a result of project scheduling delays. The scope of works that would be completed during the extended period are specific to the new storage yard and include the installation of utilities (Hydro, telecommunications, water and storm), subgrade preparation, placement of granular base materials and paving. Works also include the installation of two reduced pressure backflow assemblies, meters, and associated piping at the northwest corner of the site and the southwest corner of Mountain Highway and Columbia Street.

For questions regarding the Project and Environmental Review of the proposed project, please contact Deborah Renn, Planner, by email or phone at 604.665.9561