Amendments and extensions

Being good stewards of the federal lands and waters that make up the Port of Vancouver means ensuring the work that happens within our jurisdiction is done to stringent environmental standards. This is why we are responsible for reviewing and issuing permits for physical works and activities, and buildings and structures on property within the port authority’s jurisdiction.

After the necessary permits have been issued, any proposed substantial changes to a project’s plan or a building’s drawings—including changes to construction methods and practices previously reviewed in the initial project, building, or occupancy permit application—must be re-submitted to the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority for consideration.

The types of changes we review are:

  1. Amendments: In cases where proposed changes are made to a project’s design or scope, we determine if those changes require an amendment to the existing permit, or a new permit altogether. Some changes, such as those that substantially alter the project footprint or result in changes to assessed environmental impacts, may require additional Indigenous, public and/or stakeholder consultation. Changes to stamped and approved building permit drawings may require an amendment to an existing building permit.
  2. Extensions: Approved project permits are only valid for a fixed time period, during which substantial construction must begin and be completed. If an applicant needs to extend this period, they must make a request at least 40 business days prior to the expiry date.
  3. Varying construction hours: Typically, all permitted construction activities within the port authority’s jurisdiction may only take place from Monday to Saturday between 7:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m., excluding Sundays and holidays. If an applicant needs to extend construction hours beyond those pre-determined times, they must first submit a request, including supporting rationale.
Applying for a permit amendment or extension? Please refer to the technical guidelines for Construction Outside of Regular Work Hours (August 2022) and include the following:

  • Key contact information (name, organization, telephone number and email address)
  • Project permit number
  • Location description or address of project
  • Brief description of proposed amendment and rationale for amendment
  • Requested date or timeframe and rationale for extensions
  • Plans and drawings (optional)

Amendments and extensions may also require an environmental determination under the Canadian Impact Assessment Act, which includes a requirement to post a notice to the Canadian Impact Assessment Registry website for a 30 calendar day public comment period.