Raincoast Conservation Foundation | Jetty Breach Construction and Maintenance – Iona North Arm

August 16, 2023

Project status
Permit issued

On November 10, 2023 a project permit was issued to Raincoast Conservation Foundation for Breach Construction and Maintenance at the Iona North Arm Jetty in Richmond, British Columbia on federal lands and water managed by the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority.

The project was approved subject to 51 permit conditions the applicant must meet to ensure the project does not result in significant adverse environmental effects. For more information on the project determination, view the project page and Notice of Determination on the Impact Assessment Registry.

About the project

Raincoast Conservation Foundation is proposing to construct a new linear breach (Breach No. 2) across the Iona Island North Arm Jetty and to conduct repair and maintenance work on the breach constructed in 2022 (Breach No. 1). Pursuant to their legislative duties, the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority is making its determination on both scopes of work, and Transport Canada is making its determination on the proposed construction of Breach No. 2. 

A previous public comment period was held from December 13, 2022, to January 11, 2023, for the construction scope. Given the new maintenance scope, and revised design for Breach No. 2, a new public comment period was open from August 16 to September 14, 2023.

New construction work for Breach No. 2 consists of:  

  • Excavation of approximately 18,552 cubic metres of material to an elevation of -1.35 metres Geodetic Datum. Material would be used to form part of the breach. 
  • Installation of approximately 4,800 square metres of filter cloth. 
  • Placement of approximately 3,500 cubic metres of filter rock. 
  • Placement of approximately 4,267 cubic metres of riprap. 
  • Monitoring of the breach site for a minimum of two years post-completion. 

The second jetty breach would be approximately 120 meters long and 30 metres wide at the bottom and 55 metres wide at the top.  

Repair and maintenance work for Breach No. 1 consists of:  

  • Temporary removal of existing filter rock and riprap from the east and west slopes. Material will be set aside for re-use.  
  • Re-dress/grade the sand slopes.  
  • Installation of approximately 2,200 square metres of filter cloth.  
  • Placement of approximately 2,327 cubic metres of filter rock. 
  • Replacement of filter rock and riprap.  

Construction equipment and materials would be transported to the site by barge. Works are anticipated to take up to six weeks, within the Fisheries least risk window for the Project area (August 16 to February 28). Some works may be carried out outside of standard hours of work during favourable low tides.  

Contact information
For questions regarding the Project and Environmental Review of the proposed project, or to get in touch with our team, please contact us by email or phone at 604.665.9047.

Please note, when receiving public feedback as part of the PER process, the port authority may collect your personal information, i.e., your name, contact information and personal views and opinions, to inform the PER process for a proposed project. Your personal information may be disclosed to third parties, such as our tenants, in order for them to respond directly to you or help inform our response.