Metro Vancouver | Annacis Water Supply Tunnel Safe Havens Amendment

August 28, 2020

Project status

Permit amendment issued

In November 2020, a permit amendment was issued to Metro Vancouver (the Applicant) to amend the scope of their existing project permit No. 17-029: Annacis Water Supply Tunnel Safe Havens. The project is located at 11060 Elevator Road, Surrey (under the Fraser River, between New Westminster and Surrey), on waters managed by the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority.

About the proposed amendment

The additional scope includes installation of instrumentation to monitor ground movement and protect infrastructure as part of the physical activities related to the construction of the Annacis Water Supply Tunnel. Instruments will be installed, monitored throughout the construction period, and then decommissioned and removed at the end of the project.

About project permit No. 17-029: Annacis Water Supply Tunnel Safe Havens

The scope of works under the existing permit include construction of a new 2.3 km water supply tunnel under the Fraser River. The water supply tunnel will be one of five new water supply tunnel crossings in the region built to withstand a major earthquake. Once complete, the water main within the new tunnel will be connected to the region’s drinking water system.

Contact information

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