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Joint media release: Celebrating DP World’s 100th anniversary and completion of the Centerm Expansion and South Shore Access projects  

May 19, 2023

Anniversary celebrates terminal’s increased capacity and support for Canada’s commitment to growing Indo-Pacific trade 

Vancouver: DP World and the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority today celebrate two historic events—the completion of the Centerm Expansion Project at DP World Vancouver and the 100th anniversary of the port’s marine terminal operations. 

These two events highlight British Columbia’s (BC) ongoing leadership in sustainable trade, technological innovation and introducing Canadian goods to new markets supported by partners such as DP World in Canada. 

The 100-year anniversary marks an opportunity to celebrate the ongoing commitment of DP World employees, the ILWU (International Longshore and Warehouse Union)—with over 10,000 longshore and foremen employees having worked for DP World in BC over the past 20 years—handling over 20 million loaded twenty-foot equivalent units (TEUs). Along with its partners, DP World is making the global supply chain more resilient, establishing Canada’s leadership in sustainable trade and exporting Canadian goods to global markets. 

DP World continues to support and advance the long-term growth of Canada’s ports and terminals, including the Port of Vancouver, through new technologies and commitment to innovation and sustainable trade infrastructure. As the country’s gateway to over 170 trading economies around the world, Vancouver handles one in every $3 of Canada’s trade in goods outside of North America. This enables the trade of approximately $305 billion in goods, while the port’s activities sustain 115,300 jobs, $7 billion in wages, and $11.9 billion in GDP across Canada. 

Sultan Ahmed Bin Sulayem, Group Chairman and CEO of DP World, said: 

“The 100th anniversary of terminal operations on the west coast is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate Canada’s rich maritime and port history and look ahead to a future that includes DP World’s industry-leading technology and innovation in supply chains. It’s also a chance for us, along with our employees and partners, to celebrate a responsible, sustainable, strategic approach to managing Canada’s network of ports and terminals.” 

Centerm Expansion Project 

DP World and the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority also marked the completion of the Centerm Expansion Project, a $350 million CAD ($260 million USD) award-winning project to increase throughput by 60% and position British Columbia as a leader in sustainable trade. 

The newly expanded terminal can now handle 1.5 million TEUs a year, compared to 900,000 TEUs previously, while adding 15% to the terminal’s overall footprint. 

The project reduces the terminal’s environmental impact by adding capacity for container ships to connect to electrical shore power and converting its diesel yard cranes to electric. It further reduces greenhouse gas emissions by eliminating wait times for vehicles at train crossings and building to LEED and Envision certification sustainability standards. 

This expansion represents a significant investment in the future of international trade, and DP World is committed to continuing to play a vital role in connecting Canadian businesses to markets around the world, while contributing to sustainable economic growth and prosperity for all. 

The expansion was completed by Centennial Expansion Partners (CXP). 

DP World has committed to investing $500 million globally over the next five years to help cut its carbon emissions by 700,000 tonnes to become a net-zero carbon enterprise by 2050. 

Vancouver Fraser Port Authority also completed the South Shore Access Project earlier this month in partnership with the Government of Canada and with funding from the National Trade Corridors Fund. The final part of the South Shore Access Project, including upgrades to Waterfront Road and the removal of road and rail conflicts in the area to connect terminals directly to the Trans-Canada Highway are now complete. 

Robin Silvester, President and Chief Executive Officer, Vancouver Fraser Port Authority, said: 

“Expanding the footprint of the Centerm container terminal and improving road and rail links in the area will increase container trade capacity and resiliency at the Port of Vancouver in the near term. As recent years have shown, a robust container sector is critical for Canadian exports and for reliable access to the goods Canadians depend on every day from markets around the world—and these projects represent an important piece of the puzzle when it comes to enabling Canadian trade. We’d like to thank our project partners including DP World and the federal government for their support and collaboration, as well the local community and south shore tenants for their patience and understanding during construction.” 

Rob Ashton, President ILWU Canada, said: 

“On behalf of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union, we proudly celebrate the remarkable history of DP World operations here in Canada. Over the past century, DP World Vancouver has been an integral part of the Canadian maritime industry, connecting businesses to global markets, providing employment opportunities and supporting economic growth across the country. We look forward to continued collaboration in the years to come.” 

The Honourable Omar Alghabra, Minister of Transport, said: 

“Today, we celebrate the completion of the Centerm Expansion Project and the South Shore Access Project, which will aid in meeting the growing container shipment demands at the Port of Vancouver. Our investments in these initiatives will strengthen and support our supply chain, leading to the growth of Canada’s economy, improve the environment, and make life more affordable for Canadians.” 

Maksim Mihic, CEO and General Manager, DP World (Canada), said: 

“DP World Vancouver has been a vital gateway for Canadian businesses to access global markets for 100 years. Our investment in the Centerm Expansion Project enhances our capacity to facilitate sustainable trade while providing end-to-end logistics solutions. We remain committed to supporting communities, creating employment opportunities, and ensuring the safe and reliable flow of goods across the globe. As we continue to innovate and partner with others, we look forward to driving economic growth in Canada and beyond.” 

 About the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority and the Port of Vancouver 

The Vancouver Fraser Port Authority is the federal agency responsible for the shared stewardship of the Port of Vancouver. Like all Canada Port Authorities, we are accountable to the federal minister of transport, and operate pursuant to the Canada Marine Act with a mandate to enable Canada’s trade through the Port of Vancouver, while protecting the environment and considering local communities. The port authority is structured as a non-share corporation, is financially self-sufficient and does not rely on tax dollars for operations. Our revenues come from port terminals and tenants who lease port lands, and from port users who pay various fees such as harbour dues. Profits are reinvested in port infrastructure. The port authority oversees the use of port land and water, which includes more than 16,000 hectares of water, over 1,500 hectares of land, and approximately 350 kilometres of shoreline. Located on the southwest coast of British Columbia in Canada, the Port of Vancouver extends from Roberts Bank and the Fraser River up to and including Burrard Inlet, bordering 16 municipalities and intersecting the traditional territories and treaty lands of more than 35 Coast Salish Indigenous groups. The Port of Vancouver is Canada’s largest port, and the third largest in North America by tonnes of cargo. Enabling the trade of approximately $305 billion in goods with more than 170 world economies, port activities sustain 115,300 jobs, $7 billion in wages, and $11.9 billion in GDP across Canada. 

About DP World 

Trade is the lifeblood of the global economy, creating opportunities and improving the quality of life for people around the world. DP World exists to make the world’s trade flow better, changing what’s possible for the customers and communities we serve globally. 

With a dedicated, diverse and professional team of more than 103,000 employees spanning 75 countries on six continents, DP World is pushing trade further and faster towards a seamless supply chain that’s fit for the future. 

We’re rapidly transforming and integrating our businesses — Ports and Terminals, Marine Services, Logistics and Technology – and uniting our global infrastructure with local expertise to create stronger, more efficient end-to-end supply chain solutions that can change the way the world trades. 

What’s more, we’re reshaping the future by investing in innovation. From intelligent delivery systems to automated warehouse stacking, we’re at the cutting edge of disruptive technology, pushing the sector towards better ways to trade, minimising disruptions from the factory floor to the customer’s door. 

DP World in Canada 

DP World is at the heart of Canada’s trading future, providing the right trading infrastructure and smart logistics solutions for our customers. We believe in the Canadian market and have the ambition and resources to boost growth, support businesses, create jobs and improve living standards. 

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