Port of Vancouver operations update

July 30, 2021

To Port of Vancouver’s valued customers and stakeholders,

The CP and CN Mainline from Kamloops to Vancouver are in service and operating under Ministerial Order MO 21-06. 

Port of Vancouver container terminals continue to experience high volumes of on-dock cargo but rail conditions are improving with nearly 69,000 feet of import rail loaded out yesterday. This number has remained consistent for the majority of the week.  

Anchorages remain available in both the port’s jurisdiction and the Southern Gulf Islands.  Vessels in port (at berth and at anchor) can be viewed on the home page of the PortVan eHub app by selecting “Vessels in Port”.

The provincial state of emergency remains in effect until August 4, 2021. The initial 14-day period may be extended or rescinded as conditions require. As temperatures continue to rise for the next couple of days across the province, heat warnings have been issued across various regions in British Columbia including Metro Vancouver.  We will continue to monitor temperatures and air quality advisories in the coming days.

Please note that Monday, August 2, is a statutory holiday in British Columbia and some terminals may be closed.  Please check with each terminal operator for their most recent schedule.

Given improving conditions, we will be moving to a weekly update starting on Wednesday, August 4, 2021 unless conditions change.


  • Today’s port import rail on-dock footage summary: Import Rail On-dock Footage (updated daily Monday-Friday)
  • PortVan eHub app: access real-time insights into Port of Vancouver operations via the port’s mobile app eHub.  Download from the port’s website (eHub) or through the App Store (search for “PortVan eHub” or “Port of Vancouver”)
  • Port dashboard: view updates on import rail performance, truck terminal turn times, and gateway vessel on-time performance through the port’s website (Performance Metrics).
  • Port operations updatesOperations Updates
  • Ministerial Order 21-06 (MO 21-06):  Ministerial Order MO 21-06 (issued July 11, 2021)
  • BC Wildfire Dashboard:  BC Wildfire Dashboard

Please feel free to forward this update within your organization.

Thank you for your continued support of the Port of Vancouver.