Port authority launches new program name Connect+ for suite of collaboration, capacity and supply chain resiliency initiatives at the Port of Vancouver

July 18, 2023

The Vancouver Fraser Port Authority today launched Connect+, a new program name to unify its suite of supply chain digitalization and optimization projects at the Port of Vancouver.

Connect+ brings together a number of port authority-led initiatives designed to increase innovation, data sharing and collaboration throughout the supply chains essential to moving Canada’s trade through the Port of Vancouver. The goal of the program is to increase capacity and efficiency of goods movement through the port by road, rail and ship, and operational reliability to support trade through the Pacific Gateway.  

 Some of the existing initiatives that fall under the Connect+ program, include:  

The port authority will add new tools and initiatives to the program as they are developed—in collaboration with industry stakeholders—including digital dashboards and additional data reporting for industry and supply chain partners to support more informed decision making and planning.

Providing better visibility into the Vancouver gateway supply chain and improving collaboration between the port community, industry partners and government will help use existing infrastructure to its full potential and increase environmental sustainability. 

 To learn more about Connect+ visit portvancouver.com/connect+.