Notice of amendment: Port Information Guide

May 7, 2021

Please be advised that the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority has issued a notice of amendment, dated May 7, 2021, to inform members of the public, industry and other stakeholders of proposed updates to our Port Information Guide. 

Our Port Information Guide outlines practices and procedures applicable to all ships operating within defined vessel operating areas in the port authority’s jurisdiction to support the safe and efficient movement of trade. From time-to-time the port authority makes amendments, in accordance with Section 56 of the Canada Marine Act. The Vancouver Fraser Port Authority proposes to make the following amendments to the Port Information Guide to further promote safety within the Port of Vancouver: 

  • Introduction of Traffic Control Zone Procedures for Eastern Burrard Inlet (TCZ-3) 
  • Introduction of Fraser River Bridge Transit Procedures 
  • Introduction of pre-arrival scrubber declaration requirements 
  • Updated language with regards to Speed Zones in Indian Arm 
  • Updated language with regards to Clear Narrows, specifically the addition of government vessels that can direct Tier 1 vessels to suitable holding areas 
  • Refresh the Port Information Guide with general updates that will not affect intent or application 

The proposed amendments are listed in a table in the document below, in chronological order as they appear in the Port Information Guide. The table is organized to include the relevant section, the current language in the Port Information Guide (if applicable), and the proposed new or revised language. 

The amendments will be published in the Port Information Guide following a 30-day notification and comment period. All comments received will be taken into consideration before the proposed amendments are implemented. 

May 2021 – Notice of Amendment: Port Information Guide [PDF]



All comments with respect to these amendments can be made in writing and directed to the attention of Marine Operations Specialist [email protected] by June 7, 2021. 

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