Increased EcoAction incentives for ships with lower environmental impacts calling the Port of Vancouver

January 3, 2023

The Vancouver Fraser Port Authority is offering increased incentives for ships calling the Port of Vancouver that use low-emission fuels and technologies as well as those that are quieter. 

Effective from January 1, 2023, the port authority’s EcoAction Program – which offers shipping lines discounts on their fees for taking voluntary steps to reduce their environmental footprint – includes a new platinum level. A platinum level discount of up to 75% off harbour dues is available for ships that: 

  • use low-emission, alternative fuels such as methanol, hydrogen or LNG  
  • use technologies to reduce emissions such as connecting to shore power, or wind or battery assist 
  • are certified as quiet vessels by a ship classification society, reducing underwater noise for the benefit of at-risk whale species 

Further details on the criteria are available in the 2023 EcoAction brochure, as well as fee documents. 

Launched in 2007, the EcoAction Program supports the port authority’s mandate to enable Canada’s trade while protecting the environment and considering local communities. Almost one-third of eligible calls to the Port of Vancouver qualify for EcoAction incentives each year, helping reduce greenhouse gas and air contaminant emissions, as well as underwater noise. Shipping lines calling the Port of Vancouver typically qualify for approximately $2 million worth of incentives annually. 

EcoAction is one of the many ways that the port authority is working to improve local air quality and reduce emissions that contribute to climate change, in support of the goal to phase out all port-related emissions by 2050. The port authority is leading on a suite of climate action programs to help reduce emissions and accelerate the transition to lower-emission fuels and technologies, such as the Low-Emission Technology and Clean Trucking initiatives.