Roberts Bank Rail Corridor

The Roberts Bank Rail Corridor is an important 70-kilometre stretch connecting Canada’s largest container facility and a major coal terminal at Roberts Bank (south of Vancouver) with the North American rail network. It carries increasing volumes of international freight through communities in the Lower Mainland. Highlights include:

  • $307 million capital investment
  • $50 million industry contribution, pre-funded by the Port of Vancouver
  • Nine projects

Roberts Bank Rail Corridor ProgramTwelve (12)government, industry, and community partners came together to leverage provincial and general funding for a generational investment in supply-chain infrastructure improvements to this corridor. With this funding, the Roberts Bank Rail Corridor Program came into being. The Port of Vancouver and its partners contributed a total of $307 million for the construction of nine road-rail projects, including eight overpasses, an allowance for two new railway sidings, and one early warning rail crossing system project. These projects were designed to:

  • enhance rail and port operations
  • accommodate anticipated growth in rail and road traffic
  • provide local quality of life benefits
  • reduce impacts of essential export activity on local residents

Roberts Bank Rail Corridor projects

Project Details
41B Street Grade separation to enable expansion of Gulf Rail Yard.
80th Sreet Two-lane overpass that will improve access to Boundary Bay Airport.
Panorama Ridge Whistle Cessation Closure of street-level railway crossings at 125A Street, and 131A Street (Colebrook Road), and private crossing in the vicinity of 139th Street. Colebrook Road will be extended along the north side of the railway from 131A Street to 144th Street; access road upgrades and a new street-level railway crossing of the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway railway will be constructed for access to Mud Bay Park; and the street-level crossing protection at 144th Street will be upgraded for whistling cessation.
152nd Street Grade separation.
196th Street Grade separation.
192nd Street Grade separation.
54th Avenue/56th Avenue Grade separation.
Mufford Crescent / 64th Avenue Closure of Mufford Crescent and realignment along 62nd/64th Avenues. Includes a grade separation crossing the Roberts Bank Rail Corridor and Glover Road and extending to 216th Street
232nd Street Grade separation to support the Rawlison rail siding extension that will be undertaken by railways.