Lynnterm site upgrades and road realignment

The Vancouver Fraser Port Authority is upgrading the property and roadways near the Lynnterm Terminal. The first part of this project, the realignment of Dominion Street, is now complete. Dominion Street is now a new two-lane road serving the Lynnterm Terminal. It is designed for truck and vehicle traffic with turning lanes and sidewalks on both sides, which increases safety for drivers and pedestrians using this road. The improvements also provide better public access to Harbourview Park for the local community.

This work will support future upgrades to the Lynnterm Terminal. Western Stevedoring will be consolidating the Lynnterm breakbulk facilities onto the property between Lynn Creek and Mountain Highway (see map). This will optimize the terminal without requiring any additional land, except nearby property repurposed for terminal use. Lynnterm will continue to be a consolidation centre for forest products, steel and other breakbulk commodities in the Pacific Northwest. It handles wood pulp and paper, lumber, panel products, steel products, project cargo, and machinery.

Community feedback line:


Phone: 604.665.9004

Construction started: June 24, 2019
Construction completed: December 2019

Construction included:

  • Changes to Dominion Street between Harbour Avenue and Mountain Highway
  • Reconfiguration of existing parking lots and creation of a new parking lot north of Dominion Street
  • Construction of new storage facilities on site
  • Installation of new lighting around the site
  • Relocation of existing utilities and installation of new utilities (i.e. power, water, sanitary sewers, storm sewers, communication lines, and gas)

Funding Partners:

The realignment of Dominion Street received funding from the Government of Canada’s National Trade Corridors Fund.