New docks and repairs and maintenance

Two recreational dock applications will be accepted per month with priority given to shared dock applications. Other applications will held in a queue based on a first come-first served basis.

The Vancouver Fraser Port Authority is the federal agency that oversees the stewardship of the Port of Vancouver. Under the Canada Marine Act, the port authority is responsible for the administration, management and control of land and water within its jurisdiction.

Recreational docks can impact the marine environment by degrading sensitive intertidal habitat, affecting marine vegetation, and introducing pollutants. It is the port authority’s responsibility to ensure the proper management of recreational docks located within its jurisdiction in order to mitigate these and other impacts. To that end, upland property owners who wish to undertake works and activities within or partially within the port authority’s jurisdiction are required to obtain a project permit from the port authority through the Project and Environmental Review (PER) process.

Project permits for recreational dock installation, removal, repair, maintenance, or upgrades must be submitted online through the Project and Environmental Review (PER) Portal.

Depending on the category of review, the applicant may be required to submit an application fee, documentation deposit, and incur other expenses as part of the PER process. The following is a summary of the application fees for each category of review.

  • A no fee
  • B (if no consultation) $500 + GST
  • B (if consultation is required) $2,500 + GST
  • C $12,500 + GST
  • D $22,500 + GST

In addition to a project permit, applicants applying for a new recreational dock will be required to obtain a licence agreement from the port authority. The licence agreement sets out the term of the licence, allowable uses, the licence area, insurance terms, and any other requirements and/or restrictions.

The licence application process will be initiated upon submission of a project permit application, and the project permit review and licence agreement processes will be conducted at the same time.

For more information on the licence agreement, please visit our Recreational docks page.

Want to install a new recreational dock?

Before an applicant submits a project permit application for a recreational dock, the port authority encourages the consideration of less environmentally impactful options, such as a shared dock, which could accommodate the needs of multiple upland owners. Shared docks alleviate impacts from high-density private dock structures. For shared dock requests, please contact the port authority as shared docks may be subject to different design criteria than those outlined for private docks.

Before you submit your new dock application, you’ll need to review the guidelines and if applicable, the municipal information (found in the resource section). Find out more by reviewing our guidelines.

Have a dock that needs maintenance or repair?

A Project and Environmental Review (PER) permit will be required before carrying out any recreational dock maintenance, repairs or upgrades. You’ll also need a permit if you want to remove your dock too.

The guidelines will assist you in preparing a port authority PER permit application. When in doubt, please contact us to discuss your specific situation.