School program

Port of Vancouver Discovery Centre Free Field TripOur school program is specifically designed to support grade four to six students’ curriculum guidelines, as outlined by the British Columbia Ministry of Education.

Your students will learn about Canada’s largest and most diversified port through activities that encourage:

    • learning through doing, touching, watching, hearing and reading
    • reflection and inquiry
    • thinking critically and creatively
    • communicating individually and in groups through actions, words and pictures

Field trip: Port of Vancouver Discovery Centre – 90 minutes

The Port of Vancouver Discovery Centre at Canada Place offers free 90 minute presentations for grade four, five and six elementary school classes!

This interactive education program is a great fieldtrip experience as students get to learn how their lives are connected to the port and see the connection by observing the working port around the Burrard inlet.

Build on your students’ awareness of the importance of trade in our lives, as well as the role that we play in facilitating trade, through activities such as:

  • Map puzzle: How large is our port? Students assemble a map puzzle of Canada’s largest port, and explore familiar landmarks, alongside new ones, in relation to your school.
  • Connecting your port city trivia challenge: Students answer questions and test their knowledge of the port on touch-screen benches.
  • Cargo matching: Students work together as terminal operators and try their hand at loading various cargo types in this ‘get up and go’ activity.
  • Enviro quiz: Students discover what makes our port a sustainable one, while thinking critically about environmental stewardship during this fun, object-based guessing game.
  • Import story: How many jobs are connected to the port? Students enact various jobs that are involved in getting an imported item to Canada to see how the port helps the economy.
  • Discovery Centre scavenger hunt: Students get to explore more about the port by looking for answers on our touch-screen benches.

Planning your trip to the Port of Vancouver Discovery Centre

Education Program – Planning your trip

What happens at the Port of Vancouver?

What happens at the Port of Vancouver – Teacher Instructions
What happens at the Port of Vancouver – Activity Sheet

Maps activity

Maps Activity – Teacher Instructions 
Maps – Activity Sheet
Maps Activity Answer Sheet

The importance of international trade

The importance of international trade – Teacher Instructions

General Resources

Education Program – Resource document– Teacher links to information related to the Education Program

Booking information

To book this free education program, contact our Educational Outreach Assistant by filling out our contact us form or by calling 604.665.9038. Please include the following information in your request:

  • name and contact information
  • name of elementary school and grade of students
  • number of students participating (we can accommodate 2 classes at one time)
  • preferred booking date and preferred time

NOTE: We will resume presentations in the 2020-2021 school year. Booking calendar will become available in June and presentations are for grade 4-6 classes. Available dates are highlighted. 

Reviews and feedback

“Thank you so much for your presentation and to the port authority for providing a free educational field trip. The students and I were engaged and learned more about the port in an entertaining format. The hands-on activities, that included the map puzzle, the load-the-carrier race, and touchscreen assignment, enhanced their understanding. They were also moving their legs that broke up the sit-and-listen period. The students can now explain to their peers and parents the sights and sound that encircle the Burrard Inlet and the other coasts of Metro Vancouver. The presentation thrilled us!”

“Awesome program that provides a memorable day full of learning- thank you!”

“The program was well run and well paced. The students enjoyed the program and everyone (including myself and the parent volunteers) learned a lot about the port and the activities that happen there. I look forward to taking future classes to this program.”

“I was so impressed with this program. Been teaching 25 years and I have to say it was one of the most organized, clearly laid out and interesting field trips I’ve been on.”

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