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Working to keep your goods moving this holiday season

Whether it is by rail, road, or ship, millions of tonnes of imported and exported goods move through the Port of Vancouver each year thanks to the dedicated efforts of our entire port community.

December 12, 2021

As Canada’s western gateway to more than 170 trading countries around the world, the Port of Vancouver plays an essential role in keeping Canadians connected to the goods and products they need. The efficient movement of these goods is especially important for the holiday season.  

From festive decorations, toys, and commonly used household products like furniture and clothing, many of the things we enjoy around the holiday season are either imported or exported through the port. And let’s not forget the delicious food we share with family and friends!

This year—particularly the last month—has been especially challenging in B.C. From devastating wildfires in the summer to the recent atmospheric river weather events that caused widespread flooding across Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley, on top of issues associated with COVID-19, supply chains have been put to the test. In the face of these challenges, our port community—marine carriers and pilots, longshore workers, terminal operators, railway workers, trucking companies and drivers, and many others—has worked tirelessly to keep the nation’s trade flowing on behalf of all Canadians and Canadian businesses.  

Activities at the port continue to support over 115,300 jobs and enable the trade of approximately $240 billion in goods to and from Canada each year. These trade activities allow Canadian businesses and consumers to access markets around the world. 

Thank you to everyone who played a role in keeping the port open and trade moving throughout this demanding time. 

Happy holidays!

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