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Connecting Canadians with the goods they need this holiday season

Behind the millions of tonnes of goods imported and exported during the holiday season is the entire port community working hard to make it happen.

December 15, 2023

The Port of Vancouver plays a vital economic role for Canada by connecting consumers and businesses with trading economies around the world, and it’s essential to ensuring all kinds of seasonal goods make their way to store shelves this holiday season. 

As we decorate our homes and prepare for holiday festivities, it’s a great time to recognize the pivotal role that our entire port community—marine carriers, pilots, longshore workers, terminal operators, railway workers, trucking companies, and many others—play in ensuring that everything we need for the holidays arrives on time. This includes the gifts under the tree, seasonal decorations that fill our homes, the cars that take us to visit our family and friends, and the delicious food and wine on the table. Plus, we can’t forget the Canadian grain needed for endless baking around the world. 

Port of Vancouver-related activities continue to support over 115,300 jobs and enable the trade of approximately $305 billion in goods to and from Canada annually. 

Thank you to our entire port community who keep trade moving on behalf of Canadians and Canadian businesses daily, especially during this magical time of year. 

Happy holidays! 

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