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Everything you need for the holidays

Millions of tonnes of exported and imported goods move through the Port of Vancouver, including everything you need for the holidays.

December 14, 2020

Every year, more than 25 million tonnes of imported and exported goods move in containers through the Port of Vancouver. In fact, over half of Canada’s exports in containers go through the port. Every day is busy, but this particular time of year keeps everyone especially busy.

Many of the things we associate with the holidays are either imported or exported through the port. The Christmas tree decorations, the toys and gifts we give and receive, the cranberry sauce and mandarins, the nuts and nibbles, even the clothes we wear and the table we sit at for the family dinner. Oh, and the wine we toast each other’s health with. The list is almost endless as a Christmas carol playlist.

It’s a mammoth operation and many of those goods start arriving as early as July. It’s also a job that requires a lot of teamwork between all those in the shipping container business, including cargo and ship owners, terminal operators, freight forwarders, trucking companies, railways, and others.

When a container ship arrives at a terminal, a team of workers work around the clock to ensure the containers are safely removed from the ship. The container of imported goods is then put on a truck, train, or barge to be sent to local destinations, and out across Canada. All in time for the holidays.

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