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Connecting people through tourism.

Meet two people connected through Vancouver’s vibrant tourism industry; cruise ship staff captain Wendy, and Roy, a local chef cooking up some of the city’s most mouth-watering dishes.

May 4, 2019

There’s a lot for visitors to enjoy in and around Vancouver, and no one knows that better than Wendy and Roy. Wendy is a cruise ship staff captain who brings thousands of passengers into the port at Canada Place, and Roy is a local restaurateur who runs his kitchen in the heart of Vancouver’s vibrant Gastown neighbourhood.

Wendy, who sees herself as an unofficial ambassador for Vancouver, shares the thrill her international passengers get when docking. “People get really excited about coming into the Port of Vancouver. It’s a highlight for a lot of people on their trip… It’s one of the most gorgeous cities to sail into,” she says.

It would be easy for Wendy to see her work as done once her passengers arrive in Vancouver, but this is her city, and it matters to her that people love their time here. She’s always ready to give visitors her long list of recommendations. That starts right where the cruise ship docks at Canada Place, where groups of passengers descend into Gastown towards its plentiful restaurants.

For Roy, this is the time for him and his team at Tuc Craft Kitchen to give that all-important introduction to their city. “What I enjoy best about my job is seeing smiles on faces, based on something that we’ve done… making that visit to Vancouver a little more special,” he explains.

It’s not just pride in showing off his culinary flair that excites Roy about the huge influx of people coming in. The more than 900,000 cruise ship passengers that visit each year are a big boost for local businesses all over the city. “I think it’s great that the Port of Vancouver is so close to where we are. We benefit, Gastown benefits, and Downtown Vancouver benefits,” he adds.

We brought together these two locals to talk about how they’re helping tourists experience the best of Vancouver, and are ensuring the region benefits from the extra business they bring. It’s just one of the ways we’re connecting your world.

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