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Connecting businesses and communities to the world

From each container loaded, to every ship that sets sail, activities at the port help support local jobs and businesses.

November 3, 2020

The Port of Vancouver helps connect us to the world. And for Canadians, that’s never been more important.

Businesses, large and small, rely on everyone at the port to keep their goods moving. Each year activities at the port supports 115,300 jobs and enables the trade of approximately $240 billion in goods to and from Canada. This ensures items such as food, pharmaceuticals and other essential household products get to communities across the country. It also means local products such as lumber, wheat and craft beer are accessible to markets around the world.

The efficient movement of goods is made possible through the dedicated efforts of marine carriers and pilots, longshore workers, terminal operators, railway workers, trucking companies and drivers, along with many others who make up the port community. From each container loaded, to every ship that sets sail, these activities help support jobs, and all of us at the port have never been prouder to support Canadian businesses.

To learn more about how port activities connect businesses and communities, visit our stories page.

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