Port authority forms industry-based advisory panel to advance active vessel traffic management system

January 31, 2022

The Vancouver Fraser Port Authority has formed an industry-based advisory panel to advance the design of a new active vessel traffic management system, as part of the port authority’s Active Vessel Traffic Management (AVTM) Program at the Port of Vancouver. 

As the federal agency responsible for enabling Canada’s trade through the Port of Vancouver, the port authority is leading the AVTM Program to manage the prioritization and sequencing of commercial ships accessing the port to improve transparency, efficiency, and reliability for all port users, while also increasing throughput for trade-enabling vessels as they move through port waters. 

In August 2021, the minister of transport announced that the port authority would work with partners to design, by March 31, 2022, a new collaborative system to manage marine vessel traffic and optimize the supply chain flow, to meet Canada’s growing trade needs through the Port of Vancouver. 

The formation of the advisory panel will leverage the expert guidance and on-the-ground know-how of esteemed industry leaders from the marine and supply-chain sectors to oversee the design of the new vessel traffic management system. The panel will focus on operational innovations within existing legal and regulatory frameworks.    

The advisory panel includes: 

  • Chair: Louise Yako, Former President and CEO of BC Trucking Association 
  • Chris Badger, Former COO, Vancouver Fraser Port Authority  
  • Dave Kushnier, Former CEO Alliance Grain Terminal  
  • Kerry Lige, Former President and CEO, Fiberco Inc. 
  • Kevin Volk, Asst. Deputy Minister, Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure  
  • Peter Ladouceur, Former Asst. Vice-President, Intermodal International, and Former Asst. Vice-President, Sales, CN 
  • Phil Hulina, Former Senior Director, Vancouver Terminal, Richardson International  
  • Robert Bell, Former Vice-President and Chief Commercial Officer Coal,  Teck Resources Ltd. and former Chair and Director, Neptune Bulk Terminals (Canada) Ltd. 
  • Ruth Snowden, Former Executive Director, CIFFA 
  • Shri Madiwal, Harbour Master, Vancouver Fraser Port Authority 
  • Jennifer Carter, Director, Domestic Marine Policy, Transport Canada 

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For further questions, please contact the Active Vessel Traffic Management (AVTM) project team at [email protected]