Port authority applauds Minister O’Regan’s request for mediator to recommend settlement proposal

July 12, 2023

After nearly two weeks of labour dispute between the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) Canada and the British Columbia Maritime Employers Association (BCMEA), the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority is pleased to see progress made towards a deal, following Minister O’Regan’s request for a federal mediator to send a settlement proposal.  

One dollar of every three of Canada’s trade in goods outside of North America moves through the Port of Vancouver, so any disruption to port operations has a significant impact globally and on Canadians who rely on the businesses that import and export goods through the port for employment and for reliable access to the products that support each of us every day.  

The minister’s request for a settlement recommendation is a welcome step towards ending the work stoppage, the impacts of which Canadian businesses across the country and their workers are already starting to feel. 

We hope for a swift and satisfactory resolution for all parties involved.