Southern B.C. anchorage noise and light concerns

Reporting noise and light concerns 

If you are concerned about the level of noise and light produced by a ship at anchor around the Southern Gulf Islands, please fill out and submit the form below. Your feedback will be sent to the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority’s 24/7 operations centre and reported to Transport Canada.

Understanding anchorages in the Southern Gulf Islands

With the increased demand for coastal anchorages by commercial ships, Transport Canada introduced the Interim Protocol for the Use of Southern B.C. Anchorages to: 

  • ensure the balanced use of anchorage sites across the region 
  • mitigate shipping-related impacts and disruptions on communities 

Under the protocol, the port authority is responsible for assigning and managing anchorage sites at 33 locations around the Southern Gulf Islands.

Location of the 33 anchorages the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority assigns around the Southern Gulf Islands under Transport Canada’s Interim Protocol.

For more information or to share general concerns related to the Southern Gulf Islands anchorages, please contact Transport Canada. 

To learn more about how the port authority is working to reduce the impacts of ship traffic on local communities, visit our Active Vessel Traffic Management Program page. 

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