Supply chain performance

Anchorage utilization reports
To keep customers and stakeholders informed, we are sharing a daily update report providing anchorage utilization rates at the Port of Vancouver and in the South Coast region as well as a summary of projected anchorage demand and ship arrivals at port terminals.

View the latest anchorage utilization report.

Other useful resources
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Visit our Information Updates web page to access our latest announcements and operational notices.
Email [email protected] to ask a question or share concerns about anchorage allocation measures. 

Our Supply Chain Strategy is a multi-year, port stakeholder-supported series of initiatives developed to achieve sustainable growth in all cargo sectors by coordinating development of the most reliable and consistent supply chain in North America. The goals of the program are to:

  • lead and influence new operating practices
  • measure and monitor service performance
  • drive investment and participation in the network

Collecting, analyzing and reporting on data allows us to assess how well the gateway is operating. Early warning indicators derived from the Supply Chain Strategy Program can help initiate discussions and support major capital decisions and future planning.

West Coast Supply Chain Visibility Program

The Vancouver Fraser Port Authority, Transport Canada, the Prince Rupert Port Authority and other Pacific Gateway partners are collaborating on the West Coast Supply Chain Visibility Program to develop an Insight Driven Gateway.

The West Coast Supply Chain Visibility Program is a multi-phase, multi-year program that will develop and implement a series of operational planning and optimization tools tailored to participating industry members. These tools will support actions to increase capacity and operating efficiencies across the supply chain.

Using business and technology insights, this program will create a comprehensive system of record for data related to goods movement and provide insights to unlock the full economic potential of the Pacific Gateway.

This work is supported by funding received from Transport Canada through the National Trade Corridors Fund in 2019.

For more information, please read our updated program overview. To sign up for future updates, please email [email protected].

Rail metrics

Container terminal rail performance

To help increase visibility of the intermodal supply chain, the container rail performance update provides a terminal-level summary of the import rail footage on-dock, the estimated planned car supply, and the actual rail car production on a daily basis. The report is updated daily.

June 14, 2024 – Port of Vancouver Container Terminal Performance Update [PDF]

*Report is updated daily. Refresh your internet browser to ensure you access the most current report. 

Trucking metrics

Container truck GPS data

TruckAll container trucks permitted to serve the port are equipped with Global Positioning System (GPS) units. Summary data by terminal for the previous week and the previous month are available. Aggregated average turn times are shown based on data from the full fleet of TLS licensed trucks. The data reflects both regular and speed gate reservations. This report is updated once weekly on Tuesdays.

June 11, 2024 – GPS Weekly Turn Time Report by Terminal [PDF]

Vessel metrics

Container vessel line-up report

To help increase visibility into container vessel activity at the port, the Container Vessel Line-up report provides a daily summary of container vessels at berth and at anchor, including berth arrival dates, days at anchor, and estimated time of arrival to berth.  This report is updated daily from Monday to Friday.

June 14, 2024 – Container Vessel Line-up [PDF]

Gateway vessel on-time performance

Container vesselThe Container Vessel On-time Incentive program encourages container vessel operators to arrive on schedule, and thereby contribute to overall supply chain consistency. In support of this program, the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority reports monthly on gateway vessel on-time performance.

Vessel on-time arrival is measured within +8 hours of berth window start for the Container Vessel On-Time Incentive Program. In recognition of industry standard metrics, the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority also reports vessel on-time performance within +24 hours of scheduled berth window start. This report is updated monthly.

May 2024 – Summary Gateway Vessel On-Time Performance [PDF]