Marine operations

We are responsible for maintaining the safe and efficient movement of marine traffic and cargo within our jurisdiction. Our Operations Centre is on task 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and our office staff, harbour patrol officers and security team monitor activities within our jurisdiction, communicate with other agencies and help coordinate response efforts in emergency situations.

Learn more about security and emergency management.

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Port Information Guide

The Port Information Guide contains a set of localized practices and procedures designed to promote safe and efficient navigation within the waters of the port and support efforts to protect the marine environment. Learn more about the Port Information Guide.

Marine recreational activities

Our port is home to a beautiful coastline and waterways that encourage marine recreational activity. We aim to ensure navigational safety for all users of the port. Learn more about marine recreational activities.

Navigation and safety

Practices and procedures at the Port of Vancouver are designed to promote marine safety within the local waters and to protect the marine environment. Learn more about navigation and safety.

Marine permits

Port users who wish to conduct certain marine operations and marine events are required to apply for a permit. Each application is examined so that any safety and operational concerns can be addressed, in order for the procedure or event to be safe and successful. Learn more about marine operations permits and marine event permits.

Goods movement

Dangerous goods are substances to which regulations made under the Canada Shipping Act or under the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act apply. Learn more about goods movement.

Vessels and schedules

For a list of vessels in and around the port and scheduled movements of these vessels, as well as information on container services and the Gateway vessel on-time performance program. Learn more about vessels and schedules.

Fraser River maintenance

The Vancouver Fraser Port Authority introduced the Fraser River Improvement Initiative in 2013 to work with derelict vessels, structures and trespassing on the Fraser River. We also have a dredging policy that addresses the maintenance dredging of deep sea and domestic shipping channels in the Fraser River that support international and domestic trade, and the management of dredge materials. Learn more about Fraser River maintenance.