Port growth and Roberts Bank Terminal 2

The Vancouver Fraser Port Authority is proposing the Roberts Bank Terminal 2 (RTB2) Project, a new marine container terminal on Canada’s west coast that would help ensure Canada can deliver on its trade commitments and ambitions.

The project is currently undergoing a federal environmental assessment by an independent review panel, and construction is subject to regulatory approvals and permits, market conditions and a final investment decision. Project construction would take approximately five-and-a-half years.

Since 2011, the port authority has conducted over 77 individual studies, with contributions from more than 100 professional scientists and more than 35,000 hours of field work. This work has informed the assessment of potential environmental, economic, social, heritage, and health effects. As required, measures would be taken to reduce, avoid or offset potential effects of the project, and a monitoring and follow-up program would be undertaken to ensure mitigation is effective.

The port authority is also committed to a comprehensive consultation and engagement process. We have completed four rounds of public engagement and participated in over 440 project-related meetings with regulators, Indigenous groups, local government, stakeholders and the general public. We recognize the importance of appropriately and effectively engaging with the many Indigenous groups who have asserted or established Aboriginal and treaty rights, and related interests, that may be affected by the project.

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