Mountain Highway Underpass Project

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The Vancouver Fraser Port Authority is leading a project to improve the roads accessing Lynnterm Terminal in North Vancouver. The Mountain Highway Underpass Project will deepen the existing underpass under the rail tracks, which will allow the road to accommodate oversized cargo, such as heavy machinery. The project will increase import and export capacity and trade opportunities at Lynnterm Terminal, while also improving pedestrian access and safety by adding a sidewalk.

The project includes:

  • Realignment of approximately 250 metres of Dominion Street to enable the expansion of the Lynnterm Terminal (completed December 2019)
  • Improvements to the road and sidewalk to enhance pedestrian, cyclist, and vehicle access to properties in the area, including a major waterfront park (completed)
  • Lowering of the northbound lane of Mountain Highway by approximately one metre to provide space for oversized cargo to pass under the existing CN rail bridge
  • Building a new two metre wide sidewalk on the west side of Mountain Highway, between Dominion Street and Bay Street, leading into Lynnterm Terminal’s east gate

Renderings of new underpass

Project timeline

  • February to July 2021 – Deepening of the Mountain Highway underpass
  • February to July 2021 – Building a new sidewalk on the west side of Mountain Highway between Dominion Street and Bay Street

Timelines are subject to change

Project benefits

The port authority has a positive track record of delivering high-quality projects based on best practice in sustainability, environmental protection, and engagement.

Benefits of this project include:

Improved public safety by reducing the risk of collisions between trains, pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers. More reliable commutes by removing rail crossing delays.
Better emergency response for first responders to get to incidents faster and more easily. Reduced congestion by improving mobility for local residents and more efficient goods movement.
Reduced greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption by eliminating vehicle wait times at train crossings. Increased job opportunities by growing trade.

Funding partners

This project is funded by the Government of Canada through the National Trade Corridors Fund.

Part of Greater Vancouver Gateway 2030.

Contact us

Questions can be sent to the project team at [email protected] or 604.665.9004.