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Take a look behind-the-scenes of Canada’s largest port through our online YouTube channel, PortTV.

Designed to engage and educate audiences, PortTV shares the stories of people who live and work within port communities and showcases the important role that the port plays across Canada.

People of the Port logoPeople of the Port explores the fascinating and often unknown roles of individuals who work in and around the port. From surveying bird populations in Boundary Bay to helping the Port of Vancouver’s assistant harbour master out on the water, look at the interesting work being done by the many People of the Port.

PortPopQuizPort Pop Quiz
feature people “out and about” in our port communities and tests their knowledge of the port and port-city living in a roving, game-show style format. The shy, the bold, the young and the not-so-young are challenged with fun trivia questions, physical challenges, and at times even song-writing.

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